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Product name Baby Line crib brackets and mattress support hangers
Description The cribs can be identified by the name "Questor" on a stick-on-label underneath the mattress on the headboard or footboard of the crib. The cribs can also be identified by the slotted hangers and a tubular mattress support. The cribs were sold in several different styles and come in white, maple, pine and sometimes in yellow and walnut finishes. 
Problem If the hanger becomes unhooked or a plastic bracket bends or breaks, the mattress can tilt down when the child moves to that corner. The child can then slide down and become entrapped between the mattress and the side rail or end panel of the crib resulting in suffocation of the child or injury to the child. The hangers may become unhooked when the crib is moved or when a child jumps in the crib. 
Company Baby Line Furniture Co., a division of Spading & Evenflo Companies, Inc., (800) 543-8954. 
Dates sold  
Date posted 01/03/2002 

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