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Product name Instep and Schwinn swivel wheel jogging strollers
Description This recall involves single and double occupant swivel wheel jogging strollers that have a quick release mechanism for removing and re-attaching the front wheel. Instep Safari, Instep Grand Safari, Instep Flight, Schwinn Turismo and Schwinn Discover Single and Double Occupant Swivel jogging strollers with the following model numbers are affected. These models come in a variety of colors. The model number is located on the inside of the metal frame above the rear right wheel. Instep Safari (Single) - 11-AR178, 11-AR179, 11-AR180, 11-AR181, 11-AR240B, 11-AR245, 11-AR250, 11-AR255, 11-AR700A, 111-AR750, 11-AR178DS, 11-AR179DS, 11-AR120B, 11-AR190 and 11-AR191. Instep Grand Safari ( Single) - 11-AR182, 11-AR183, 11-AR184, 11-AR-192 and 11-AR193. Instep Safari (Double) - 11-AR220B, 11-AR224, 11-AR278, 11-AR279, 11-AR280, 11-AR281, 11-AR290, 11-AR291, 11-AR340B, 11-AR345, 11-AR350 and 11-AR355. Instep Grand Safari (Double) - 11-AR282, 11-AR283, 11-AR284, 11-AR292 and 11-AR293. Instep Flight (Single) - 11-AR101AZ. Instep Flight (Double) -- 11-AR201AZ and 11-AR301AZ. Schwinn Turismo (Single) - 13-SC113, 13-SC114, 13-SC116 and 13-SC117. Schwinn Turismo (Double) - 13-SC213, 13-SC214, 13-SC216 and 13-SC217. Schwinn Discover (Single) - 13-SC105AZ. Schwinn Discover (Double) - 13-SC205AZ. 
Problem The front wheel can become loose and detach, posing crash and fall hazards. 
Distribution Small retailers nationwide and online at,,, and other online retailers for between $130 and $350. 
Company Pacific Cycle 877-564-2261; website from, or 
Dates sold January 2010 through June 2016 
Date posted 07/08/2016 
Additional information For additional information, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission news release at 

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