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Product name Arcadia Electronic Skeet Shoot game
Description The Arcadia Electronic Skeet Shoot game sets are an indoor image projecting game systems that include Duck Shoot and Deer Hunter games. The game sets includes a toy pump-action rifle with a simulated laser scope and realistic shooting sounds when fired. The Duck Shoot game has a gray rifle and projector. The Deer Hunter game has a camouflage rifle and projector. “ARCADIA ELECTRONIC SKEET SHOOT” is written on a label on the projector. Writing on the bottom of the projector includes “1998 TOYMAX,” “PATENT PENDING” and “MADE IN CHINA.” Meteor Attack and Fighter Attack game cartridges, which are used with the Arcadia Electronic Skeet Shoot games, are sold separately. The Meteor Attack cartridge is silver and the Fighter Attack cartridge is black. 
Problem The skeet shoot games” cartridges can be defective, and can cause the projector to overheat, melt and smoke, presenting a risk of burns to consumers 
Distribution Sold at toy and discount stores nationwide, including Toys R Us, Sam’s Club, K B Toys TM and Costco 
Company Toymax Inc., of Plainview, New York; (800) 477-6215; 
Dates sold October 1998 through March 2000 
Date posted 12/28/2001 

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