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Product name Gym Sets
Description These gym sets are also known as "Indoor Gym Houses" and consist of a hollow, masonite-and-wood box 30 inches in height which supports a two-step wooden ladder on one side and a short slide on the opposite side. The top of the box or "platform" serves as a bridge between the ladder and the slide and is protected on two sides by wooden railings. The product is intended for use by children ages 18 months through 3 years old. Models of the "Indoor Gym Houses" manufactured before 1977 were constructed with a 6-inch space between the ladder's top rung and the platform, and models made after 1977 included a 5-inch space. 
Problem The "Indoor Gym Houses" was designed to include a space between the upper rung of the ladder and the platform, which is small enough to enable children to trap their heads and potentially strangle or asphyxiate 
Distribution Sold nationwide in toy stores and other retail outlets 
Company Creative Playthings, 3500 Industrial Road, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105 
Dates sold 1962 through 1979 
Date posted 12/28/2001 

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