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Product name Squeeze Toys
Description The four squeeze toys involved in this recall are: (1) Mickey Mouse head on a yellow handle, 5 inches long; (2) Mickey Mouse head on a yellow handle, 7 inches long; (3) Donald Duck head on a blue handle, 6 inches long; and (4) Yellow mallet with mickey Mouse face and "MICKEY" embossed on handle, 7 1/4 inches long with a bulbous end. All four of these squeeze toys have bulbous shaped ends measuring 3/4 inches to 1 inches in diameter. These toys are made of soft, easily compressed plastic material and are packaged and sold under the brand name "SAFE-GUARD" and labeled "WALT DISNEY CHARACTER Squeek-a-Toy". The Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck toys are labeled "No. 5523". The mallet is labeled "No. 5503". Stamped below the back of the neck of the mickey Mouse and Donald Duck toys is "WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS DANARA INTERNATIONAL LTD MADE IN TAIWAN". Stamped around the squeaker of the mallet is "WALT DISNEY PROD MADE IN TAIWAN DANARA INTERNATIONAL". 
Problem The handles of the squeeze toys are small enough to lodge in the throat and obstruct the airway causing choking and/or suffocation. 
Company Danara International, Ltd. of South Hackensack, New Jersey 
Dates sold  
Date posted 12/28/2001 

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