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Product name Stuffed Toys
Description The toys include a monkey, Curious George; the Easter chick, Chick-A-Dee; and the puppies, Puppy Love and Scab-Do. The toys can be identified by the numbers K-20, K-21, K-22, K-23, K-25, and K-32 imprinted on a tag affixed to the toy's seam, and the style numbers include 5465, 5466, 5467, 9750, 2270, 2271, 2285, 2286 and 9416 imprinted on the toy's packaging. 
Problem The toys were found to have an excessive amount of lead in the ink that was used to letter the toy's name on its sweater 
Distribution Sold in retail stores nationwide 
Company Knickerbocker Toy Co., 10 Clear view Road, Rewritten Center, Edison, NJ 00817; (201) 225-4073 
Dates sold March 1977 through April 1978 
Date posted 12/28/2001 

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