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Product name Stuffed Toy Mobiles
Description This recall applies to eight different types of stuffed animal mobiles which are intended to be suspended from ceilings by means of three elastic cords. The toys being recalled include: Hummbug Bee, model 34-3645; Embo Elephant, model 34-1972; Jolly Polly Parrot, model 34-3462; Stanley Stork, model 34-3653; Jingle Frog, model 34-3661; Lucky Ladybug, model 34-3662; Duckswoop, model 34-3666; and Jingle Lamb, model 34-3690. Each toy is covered with plush fabric and contains a musical chime device. The model numbers appear on a tag attached to the animal's ear. 
Problem These stuffed mobile toys have three elastic cords that suspend from the ceiling creating a strangulation hazard to infants 
Distribution Sold in toy and retail stores nationwide 
Company R. Dakin & Co., 499 Point San Bruno Blvd., S. San Francisco, CA 94080; (800) 227-6598 
Dates sold January 1977 through October 1979 
Date posted 12/28/2001 

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