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Product name Bassettbaby Drop-side cribs with external plastic hardware
Description The recalled cribs are wooden with a metal mattress support and have a drop side with external plastic hardware. The cribs were sold in a variety of finishes. A label is attached to the footboard or headboard with the names "Bassettbaby" or "Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc." as well as the model number, production date and other information. On some older models the manufacturer's name appears on a separate label. Models included in recall to repair: Mission Single (5091-0604, 5591-0604, 5991-0604, 5891-0604), Mission Bay Single (5092-0604, 5592-0604, 5892-0604, 5992-0604), Cape Cod Single (5093-0604, 5593-0604, 5893-0604, 5993-0604), Cape Cod 4 N 1 (5093-0621, 5593-0621, 5893-0621, 5993-0621, 5693-0621), Woodlands Single (5765-0504), Bel-Aire 3 N 1(5919-0620), Terrace Park 3 n 1 (5100-0522), Parson Ridge 4 n 1 (5026-0620), Parson Ridge Single (5026-0504), Shenandoah Single (5062-0504)Shenandoah 4 N 1 (5062-0620, 5862-0620), Chimney Corners Single (5089-0504), Hidden Hills Single (5446-0504), New Haven 3 N 1 (5935-0521, 5933-0521), Richmond Park 3 n 1 (5405-0620), Cottage Single (5960-0604, 5960-0604Q), Timber Creek 4 n 1 (5665-0621, 5665-0621F, 5665-0621A, 5666-0621, 5666-0621S), Mission Single (5760-0604), Cottage Single (5860-0604), Cottage 3 N 1 (5860-0620), Lake Wood Single (5104-0514, 5401-0504) and Winsor 4 N 1 (5871-0621, 5871-0621W.) 
Problem The crib's drop-side rail can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to detach from the crib. When a drop-side rail partially detached, it creates a space between the drop-side and the crib mattress. An infant or toddler's body can become entrapped in the space, which can lead to strangulation and/or suffocation. A child also can fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents also can occur due to incorrect assembly and age-related wear and tear. 
Distribution Children's product stores, and other retailers nationwide and on-line for between about $200 and $500. 
Company Bassettbaby 800-308-7485; Web site 
Dates sold From January 2000 through August 2010 
Date posted 11/22/2010 

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