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Product name Toy Telephones
Description These toy telephones have a connector cord that connects two battery-operated toy telephones, enabling children to talk to each other. The connector cord is sold as part of the model 7028 "Holly Hobbie" dial/intercom toy telephone set. Available in pink and blue, the toy phones are equipped with functional intercoms, signal lights and buzzers. The words "Holly Hobbie" are printed on the center dial of each toy phone. 
Problem The two-prong plugs at each end of the connector cord very closely resemble genuine electrical plugs that children may try to force them into household sockets, thereby receiving severe shocks or burns 
Distribution Sold by the K-Mart Corporation 
Company Durham Industries, Inc., 41 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10010 
Dates sold  
Date posted 12/28/2001 

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