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Product name Playground Equipment
Description There are five different models of the metal playground equipment being recalled. They are as follows: (1) Double Climber Slide, (2) Single Climber Slide, (3) Toddler Climber, (4) Fence Climber, and (5) Rainbow Climber. The Double Climber Slide, Single Climber Slide, and Rainbow Climber all are rainbow-shaped with apex approximately 4' from the ground. Each is approximately 4'4" wide and 15' to 16' in length. The single Climber and Double Climber Slides have one and two sliding boards respectively, while the Rainbow Climber has no slide. The Toddler Climber is 3' high, 3' wide, and 4' long, while the Fence Climber is similar in design, but measures 4' high, 4' wide, and 6' long. A sticker label with the Pixieland name and address may be found on some of these structures. These five models of metal playground equipment are intended for use by pre-school children. 
Problem The spacing between some of the rungs on these five models pose a potential entrapment hazard because they are wide enough to allow a child's body to pass all the way through, but are too narrow for the head to follow. Consequently, a child could be hung, with his head trapped between the rungs and his feet off the ground. This could result in head injuries, neck injuries, or strangulation. All spacings ranging from 4.5 inches to 7.5 inches represent potential entrapment hazards 
Company Pixieland, Inc., Swainsboro, Georgia; (800) 841-5760 
Dates sold  
Date posted 12/26/2001 

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