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Product name Children's Snowsuits and Coats
Description This recall involves children's snowsuits and coats sold in sizes 2 through 12. The snowsuits and coats were sold in various colors and prints. The brand name "Deux par Deux" and the style number is printed on the neck tag. Children's Snowsuit Style Numbers: Year 2005/Sizes 2-12 (Style #B504, B514, D506, D516, E807, F508,F808, G809, H510, H810, K523, K813 and l524), Year 2006/Sizes 2-12 (Style #B502, D504, F506, I819, J510, K511, M813, N514, P516, and T820), Year 2007/Size 2-12 (Style# B503, C804, D515, G516, J518, J511, K512, K912, L513, and P817), Year 2008/Size 2-12 (Style# D802, E803, G806, J807, I808, J809, K810, L811, N813, and P815), Year 2009/Sizes 2-12 (Style# C804, D805, E806, F807, G808, I510, I810, K812, and M815), Year 2010/Size 2-12 (Style# C803, D804, D904, E805, F806, G807, H808, K810, L811, L812, M813, and N814). Children's Coat Style Numbers: Year 2005/Sizes 2-12 (Style#D906 and F908), Year 2006/Size 2-12 (I909 and P916), Year 2007/Size 2-12 (I910 and L913), Year 2008/Size 2-12 (H907, J909, and P915), Year 2009/Size 2-12 (C904, D905, and I910), and Year 2010/Size 2-12 (C903, I909, and J910) 
Problem The snowsuits and coats have drawstrings through the hood that can pose a strangulation hazard to children. 
Distribution Small boutique retailers in the United States for $190 for the snowsuits and $120 for the coats. 
Company Deux per Deux 866-557-2222; Web site 
Dates sold 2005 through 2010 
Date posted 04/14/2010 

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