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Product name Electric Rock Polishers
Description The electric rock polishers being recalled are "Tumble Stones, Model # 1901 Rock Polisher: and "Deluxe Double Barrel, Tumble Stones, Model #1902 Rock Polisher." The Tumble Stones, Model # 1901, consists of a yellow plastic tumbling barrel, a red plastic tumbling machine which is labeled in part "*** Tumble Stones *** RAPCO Rock Polisher Hobby Equipment *** 27 Watts, 120 Volts, 60 Cycle A.C. Motor RAPCO, Division of Martin Yale Industries, Inc., Chicago, Illinois 60624 ***.' Deluxe Double Barrel, Tumble Stones, Model # 1902, has two tumbling barrels and is labeled the same as Model # 1901. Model # 1901 retailed for $9.50 and Model # 1902 retailed for $12.50. 
Problem Both the Tumble Stones, Model # 1901 Rock Polisher and the Deluxe Double Barrel, Tumble Stones, Model # 1902 fail to provide protection from moving parts; contain live parts which are accessible; have electric power cords which are not adequately secured to the unit; and the cords are shorter than the minimum required length of 5 feet, which pose a possible electric shock to the user 
Distribution These toys were sold in department stores, toy stores, discount stores and by other retailers nationwide 
Company RAPCO, Division of Martin Yale Industries, Inc., 500 North Spaulding Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60624 
Dates sold  
Date posted 12/28/2001 

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