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Product name Simpliciaty 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 Bassinets - (Warning - follow up to previous posting regarding Simplicity Bassinets)
Description Warning - RECALLED Simplicity Bassinet Model Numbers: 3000CL, 3112DOH6, 3011WHE, 9250A, 3016LAU, 3046GTM, 3010BIJ, 3112DOH7, 3011WHK, 3012SOM, 3016MIR, 3046HAN, 3010HAV, 3122BAN, 3012BIJ, 5750SAR, 3017NCB, 3047MON, 3010NGS, 3122TGC, 3012OXF, 3012TGT, 3020SFB, 3050LIL, 3010TGT, 3010BIJC, 3012SFD, 3013PRO, 3025BER, 3050SAR, 3010WHE, 343-8363, 3040SAR, 9250B, 3025C, 3060GFS, 3040LAU, 343-8399, 3040SPR, 3014LOL, 3026CRT, 3060TFS, TD2500, 3045FEL, 3050SWT, 3014NGS, 3027MIS, 8393, 3040WDS, 3111DPC, 3060BTL, 3015GFR, 3030SAR, 3040SPRC, 3045DRM, 3012LLTC, 3112BDY, 3070MAN, 3040CLA, 3040LAC, 3111ZOL, 3050SWTC, 3045OXFC, 3112DOH, 5730FKB, and 3045DRMC. 
Problem Entrapment and Strangulation Hazard 
Company CPSC Press Release - 
Dates sold Distributed 2001 - 2008) 
Date posted 09/03/2008 

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