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Product name Baseball Video Games
Description Play TV Baseball is a video game that plugs directly into a television set, and simulates hitting a baseball. It contains an electronic home plate, ball and plastic bat. The user faces the television standing above the electronic home plat, which emits an infrared beam. When a simulated pitch is made on the television screen, the user swings the bat to hit the simulated ball. Electronics in the bat communicate the swing action to the home plate, and the results appear on the television screen. Writing on the home base of the game includes ‘RADICA:" and PLAY TV Baseball." Writing on the black bat includes "RADICA:" and ‘MADE IN CHINA." 
Problem The bats can separate during a swing. Broken pieces can hit a bystander and cause injury. 
Distribution Sold in major retail stores nationwide 
Company Radica USA Ltd., 13628-A Beta Road, Dallas, Texas 75244-4510; (800) 803-9611. 
Dates sold June 2000 through January 2001 
Date posted 12/27/2001 

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