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Product name Petrus umbrella stroller
Description Petrus umbrella stroller models 1000, 1100 and 1101. Model numbers are found on the instruction sheet and on a label on the stroller’s rear legs. 
Problem The seat belts on these strollers may not restrain properly, and the tube end plugs may come off. When a toddler strapped into the stroller leans too far forward, the child may fall forward and possibly strike his head on the ground or on the front of the stroller. Tube end plugs may become detached, which could pose a choking hazard to a young child who places the plug in the mouth. 
Distribution Nationwide by Service Merchandise, Caldor’s, Zayre’s and Ames 
Company Petrus Imports, Inc., 800-752-7740 
Dates sold November 1987 through August 1989 
Date posted 12/26/2001 

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