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Product name Gerry Baby Products Company Good Vibes Infant Carriers
Description Gerry Baby Products Company Good Vibes Infant Carriers, models 037 and 038. The infant carriers have date codes molded inside the back of the handles which are imprinted in two small circles. The left circle has the number “93", representing 1993 in the center of the circle. It also has an arrow pointing to the number”9", for September, on the outer edge. The right circle has an arrow pointing to the number “2", indicating the second week of the month. 
Problem Due to a production error, some of the white handles may break, causing the carrier and infant to fall and possibly injure the infant. 
Distribution Nationwide at various retailers 
Company Gerry, 800-403-6633 
Dates sold Beginning September 1993 
Date posted 12/26/2001 

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