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Product name Deluxe Voltron Lion and Miniature Voltron Lion robot toys
Description A Deluxe Voltron Lion set consists of five separate lions in five different colors which can be connected to one another to form the complete robot figure which is about 11 inches tall. A black lion forms the head and torso. Green and red lions form the arms. Yellow and blue lions form the legs. The Deluxe Voltron Lion Robot toys can be purchased as a complete set of all five lions or as separate pieces. The Miniature Voltron Lions are about 6 inches tall and resemble the Deluxe version, but the body parts are not designed to separate. The Deluxe Voltron Lion robot toys and Miniature Voltron Lion robot toys were manufactured in Taiwan for Bandai Co., Ltd. The Deluxe Voltron Lion has a silver stick-on label that says: GOLION D C Y&K, TOEI, MADE IN TAIWAN and embossed on underside of jaw of lions forming arms and legs and under tail of lion forming torso: C BANDAI 1981 TAIWAN. The Miniature Voltron Lions has a silver stick-on label that says: C BANDAI 1981, SD or CJ, MADE IN TAIWAN or BANDAI, MADE IN TAIWAN and embossed on yellow piece on back of torso: MADE IN TAIWAN. 
Problem Certain paints on the metal parts on both sizes of Voltron Lions contain levels of lead which are higher than that which is allowed by law creating a potential lead paint hazard. 
Distribution Sold nationwide. 
Company Matchbox Toys (USA), Ltd., Moonachie, New Jersey; (800) 445-8697 
Dates sold Since July 1985. 
Date posted 01/07/2002 

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