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Product name “Baby’s First Squeeze Toys,” “Baby’s First Playball” squeeze toys, and “Telephone Receiver Rattles”.
Description The “Baby’s First Squeeze Toys” came in three shapes: a telephone receiver, a barbell, and a dumbbell. The package was labeled “Baby’s First Squeeze Toys”, product code “#28-17-93". The playball squeeze toys came in the form of a baseball, a basketball, and a soccer ball. The package was labeled “Baby’s First Playball,” product code “#28-17-96". The rattles are shaped like a telephone receiver. The package was labeled “Plastic Telephone Receiver Rattle,” product code “#28-17-86". 
Problem The squeakers in the squeeze toys may come out and could present a potential choking hazard to children under three years of age. The rattles my break and produce plastic pieces and beads, which could present a choking hazard and may cut infants. 
Distribution Sold at K-Mart stores. 
Company K-Mart Corporation of Troy, Michigan. 
Dates sold The squeeze toys were sold since November 1987. The “Telephone Receiver Rattles” were sold since December 1987. 
Date posted 01/04/2002 

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