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Product name Toys and Rattles
Description (Wooden Puzzles, Baby Rattle Set, Swimming Hippo, Duck Chorus Toy Piano and Baby Twins). The Wooden Puzzles come in six different styles and have either item “No. 6792" or item “No. 6793" on the front and back of the red, white, and blue box. Each box has “WOODEN PUZZLES” on the front and on all four sides and “A FUN WAY TO LEARN” on the front. The Baby Rattle Set - Item #7387, contains three different baby rattles. One is in the form of a bird, one is a telephone receiver, and one is four small balls connected to a red plastic handle. The Swimming Hippo is a bathtub toy, Item #11744. It is constructed of blue or red plastic, approximately 5 inches long with yellow plastic feet and a yellow duck is attached to a pull string in the Hippo’s mouth. The Duck Chorus Toy Piano is also known as “The Piano With The Comic Choir” - Item #’s 6302 or 7595. This toy has multi-colored duck heads whose mouths open when you press a key. It runs on one “C” battery. The Baby Twins -Item #3507 is a set that comes with one boy doll and one girl doll, both with vinyl heads and rooted hair. A small hair brush is included. The dolls measure 4-1/2 to 5 inches tall. 
Problem Small parts present a choking hazard to young children and infants. The Wooden Puzzle pieces have pegs in them which may come off presenting a choking hazard. The Baby Rattle Set has four small balls connected to a red plastic handle that can cause a child to choke. Also, a child gagged on the nose of the bird-shaped rattle. The Swimming Hippo’s flippers that are attached to the feet come off and present a small parts choking hazard. The Duck Chorus Toy Piano has bow ties that can come off causing a small parts choking hazard. The Baby Twins arms and legs come off and cause a small parts choking hazard too. 
Distribution KayBee Toy and Hobby Stores nationwide. 
Company KayBee Toy and Hobby Store 
Dates sold The Wooden Puzzles - November 1987 to December 1988; the Baby Rattle Set - 1987 and 1988; the Swimming Hippo - 1988; the Duck Chorus Toy Piano - 1987 and 1988; and the Baby Twins - 1988. 
Date posted 01/04/2002 

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