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Product name Happy Flapping Car, Happy Tricycle Police & Thief, Cycling Bear, Naughty Bear, and Ice Cream Van
Description The “Happy Flapping Car” is a colorfull car with a large comical cat or bear figure riding on it. Both are wearing a colored shirt and tie and a blue or white cap. The hood and trunk lids and side doors of the car open and close. The headlights are made to look like eyes, and a mouth with either white teeth and red lips or a smile with painted cheeks and a red nose on the hood. The “Happy Tricycle Police & Thief” is a painted three-wheeled motorcycle with a metal bell. Either a police officer figure or thief figure are riding the cycle. The figures have heads that resemble a dog. The police figure has a blue uniform with white gloves and the thief figure has a black outfit with black gloves. Both figures are carrying guns raised in the air with the right hand. The “Cycling Bear” consists of a red tricycle, black tires and orange hub caps. A large blue bear sitting on the tricycle has a white snout, black eyes and nose and is wearing pink trunks. Inside a yellow basket mounted on the rear of the tricycle is a small blue bear who moves up and down as the vehicle moves forward. The “Naughty Bear” consists of a red dinosaur-like figure with stick-on eyes, yellow arms, nose, legs and nob on the head. This figure is being ridden by a two-tone blue bear figure with a white snout, black eyes and black nose. The “Ice Cream Van” consists of a pink-colored vehicle with a bear’s head coming out of the top, red boots sticking out of the sides, a swirl cone on the hood. 
Problem The toys may pose a fatal choking hazard to young children because of small parts and a puncture wound hazard due to sharp points. 
Distribution Nationwide. 
Company General Toys of Los Angeles, CA. Return them to the store where purchased for a refund 
Dates sold Prior to March 1990. 
Date posted 01/04/2002 

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