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Product name Baby Alice; Baby Linda and Comfy Karen; Fun Time Baby Bottle and Nursing Bottles; Princess Telephone Toys; Work Trucks; and Car Transport Vehicle.
Description “Baby Alice” is a seven-inch baby doll wearing a crochet hat and dress in either pink, blue and white; or yellow, blue and white. The doll is also wearing white tights and comes with a 2 inch bottle. “Baby Linda” and “Comfy Karen” consist of a 6 inch bald baby dolls wrapped in a pastel colored blanket and a 2 inch tall white baby bottle is also included. “Fun Time Baby Bottle” and “Nursing Bottles” are toy baby bottles that are approximately 3 inches tall and come two or three to a package. These see- through plastic baby bottles have rubber nipples and red nipple collars. The “Princess Telephone Toys” consist of a 4 inch plastic princess style telephone which comes two to a package in a variety of colors. A decal is attached to the middle of each dial. The “Work Trucks” consist of four plastic trucks each 4 inches long. Each package contains a dump truck, a flatbed truck, a truck marked “Shell” and a truck marked “Sea Land”. The trucks are two-tone in a variety of colors. The “Car Transport Vehicle” consists of a 7 inch car transporter being pulled by a truck. The set comes with a pair of 2 inch cars which have racing decals on the hood. 
Problem Baby Alice, Baby Linda and Comfy Karen: the doll’s arms detach easily and can cause choking in young children. Fun Time Baby Bottle and Nursing Bottles: the nipple and nipple collar detach easily and can cause choking in young children. Princess Telephone Toy: the telephone dials break easily creating a choking hazard to young children. Work Trucks and Car Transport Vehicle: the small axles and wheels detach easily creating a choking hazard to young children. 
Distribution Retail stores nationwide. 
Company E. Fomil & Sons, Inc. of Burlingame, CA. 
Dates sold January 1, 1989 through March 31, 1990. 
Date posted 01/03/2002 

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