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Product name Hippo Counter, 9" Angel Doll, Pull-Along Activity Loco and Tell by Touch.
Description The Hippo Counter consists of a two-tone plastic body with pasted-on eyes. The 9" Angel Doll consists of a soft body with a plastic head and painted on face. The hair is made of straight fine yarn with a bow at the top of the head. These dolls are dressed in a one-piece outfit which has elastic at the neck, wrists, and legs. The Pull-Along Activity Loco consists of an 8 1/4 inch tall train engine on four red plastic wheels. The Tell By Touch consists of a wooden board with 10 circular openings for placement of 10 matching cylinders. Each opening and each cylinder has a textured top surface ranging from soft velvet to rough sandpaper. 
Problem Small components separate from the toys and are a choking or aspiration hazard to young children. Hippo Counter has four metal wires mounted on the Hippo’s back that may detach from the body releasing the counting beads. These beads present a potential choking hazard. The 9" Angel Doll has hands that hold a bouquet of flowers. These flowers have a plastic center which could break during use and present an aspiration hazard to children. The Pull-Along Activity Loco may break during use releasing the tumbling beads from the see-through smokestack and exposing sharp points under the front wheels. These beads present a potential choking hazard and the sharp points present the possibility of lacerations. The Tell by Touch toy’s cylinder pieces are small enough to present a serious choking hazard to young children. 
Distribution Throughout the country. 
Company U.S. Toy Co., Inc. of Grandview, MO. 
Dates sold 1988 through July 1990. 
Date posted 01/03/2002 

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