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Product name “Kiddy Phone Wind-Up Educational Toy” and the “Tub Pets, Fantastic Bath Toy”
Description The Kiddy Phones were sold from August 1991 through December 1991. These wind-up education toy phones (model #888) are a yellow plastic telephone with two moving eyes on the front of the cradle, a red push-button nose in the center of the rotary dial, three push buttons (red, white and blue) on its base, a small square drawing board inside the base, a red stylus, and a phone receiver with a mirror and a puzzle. A bell rings when either the blue or white button is pushed or when a wind-up key on the side of the phone is wound. The phone also serves as a bank with a coin slot in the cradle. The “Tub Pets, Fantastic Bath Toy” (model #31-062) is a blue dolphin or a green turtle. When the dolphin’s top pink fin is pressed down, the back fins move and water squirts out of the dolphin’s mouth. The green turtle has a pink baby turtle on the top of its shell. When the pink turtle is pressed down, the big turtle’s fee move and water squirts out of the big turtle’s mouth. 
Problem Components on these toys can separate, presenting a choking or aspiration hazard to young children 
Distribution Approximately 180 Kiddy Phones were sold in the Los Angeles area at various stores and approximately 200 Tub Pets were sold in the Los Angeles area at various retail stores 
Company Toy Power, Incl. of Los Angeles, California, 1-213-622-4625 
Dates sold January 1990 through December 1991 
Date posted 12/31/2001 

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