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Product name "Train Set,” “Sweet Doll with Accessories,” and “Baby’s Rattle”
Description The “Train Set” toy is a simple, brightly-colored, six-car plastic train. Each flexible plastic car is approximately 3 inches in length and the cars snap together. The trains’ wheels are black. The “Sweet Doll with Accessories” is a 4-inch tall plastic doll with a comb, a brush, and a panda figure as accessories. The doll is clothed in a one-piece dress that fastens in the back with a strip of Velcro. The doll has rooted blond hair, painted-on facial features and moveable legs and head. The panda is one-piece with painted-on facial features. The “Baby’s Rattle” is 16 inches long and consists of nine multi-colored balls strung together on an elastic string, and at each end of the string is a plastic white hook. The hooks are used to connect the two ends of the rattle together. 
Problem The “Train Set” engine’s smoke stack separated from the train presenting a choking hazard. The “Sweet Doll with Accessories” moveable legs separated from the doll presenting a choking hazard. The “Baby’s Rattle” white hooks separated from the rattle presenting a choking hazard. 
Distribution Sold in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan in a total of forty Dollar Bill$ stores 
Company T.P.I. of Illinois, Inc., Crestwood, Illinois, 1-708-371-6470 
Dates sold January 1991 through December 1991 
Date posted 12/31/2001 

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