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Product name “Diplomatic Pacifiers”
Description Item #3161. The pacifier has a ring type handle attached to the pacifier base. The pacifier nipple has “Latex Pur” embossed on the side. They were sold two to a package; one blue and one pink. The front panel of the packaging has pink and white stripes. On the packaging the words “Diplomat 2 Pacifiers” are printed in the upper left corner and in the upper right corner is a picture of an infant with a pacifier in its mouth. The pacifiers were imported from Taiwan. 
Problem The pacifiers are being recalled because they fail to meet pacifier safety regulations. Pacifier safety regulations require pacifier shields to have ventilation holes to prevent small children from suffocating. In addition, the pacifiers’ packaging did not have the required warning statement, “Warning - Do Not Tie Pacifier Around Child’s Neck.” 
Distribution The pacifiers were imported from Taiwan and distributed to stores throughout the central and western United states 
Company Four Seasons General Merchandise, 213-582-4444 
Dates sold Between January and September 1993 
Date posted 12/26/2001 

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