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Product name Luxor A/V carts
Description This recall involves three cart base models: WT42 'Tuffy' plastic cart; W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 metal cart; and LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ plastic cart. The WT42 'Tuffy' is a 3-shelf plastic cart sold under the brand name H. Wilson 'Tuffy' in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the 'WT42' prefix in the item number. The carts have a plastic handle with a logo that reads 'the Tuffy' in the center. The W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 cart is 3-shelf adjustable height metal cart. It is also sold under the model number AVJ42 with either a Luxor or H. Wilson logo on the front center of the top shelf, and under the model number SS-AVJ42 with a LineLeader logo on the front center of the top shelf. It is sold in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the 'W42' or 'AVJ42' prefixes in the item number. The LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ cart is a 3-shelf adjustable height plastic cart with a push handle on the top shelf. The Luxor logo is stamped on the center of the handle and is a black/dark gray color. Please see the news release for a chart containing a list of recalled cart models. 
Problem The recalled audiovisual (A/V) carts can become unstable when loaded with heavy objects, such as cathode-ray tube televisions (CRT TVs). When loaded with heavy objects such as CRT TVs, the recalled A/V carts pose a tip-over hazard to children, which can result in serious injury or death. 
Distribution The carts subject to this recall have been sold through various websites including Amazon, 123Stores, Grainger, and others for between $125 and $250. 
Company Luxor Workspaces 800-323-4656; web page or 
Dates sold Since at least the early 1980s 
Date posted 04/14/2023 
Additional information For additional information, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's news release at 

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