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Product name SnackTime Stroller Toy Bar
Description The toy, which fits over the front bar of a stroller, measures approximately 14 inches long and three inches wide. The bar is decorated with four plastic figures: a flower, a caterpillar, a bear, and a frog. The purple and pink caterpillar has large plastic rings attached by white strings and functions as a stacking teether; the yellow bear holding a rattle and jingle balloons also plays music when a heart-shaped button on the stomach is pressed. The other two figures, the green and pink flower resembles a cup holder where a bottle can be placed; the green frog’s head opens into a removable, spill-resistant bowl. 
Problem A rattle attached to the bar can break open, releasing small beads. Children could inhale the beads into their lungs, causing serious injury 
Distribution Various retail stores and discount centers nationwide 
Company Kids II, (888) 224-2886, 1015 Windward Ridge Parkway, Alpharetta, Georgia 30202 
Dates sold July 1995 to June 1996 
Date posted 12/31/2001 

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