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Product name Toy Telephones (“Kid’s Phone Beeper Combo” toys)
Description The toy consists of a plastic cellular telephone and a beeper packaged together. The telephone, measuring 6 inches high by 2.5 inches wide, is made of yellow and white plastic with a red colored plastic flip-down bottom and blue trim. The beeper, made of white plastic with yellow, red, and blue trim, measures 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Push buttons on both cause flashing lights, making either telephone or beeper sounds. 
Problem The toy's telephone antenna and pieces of plastic from around the base of the antenna can break off, presenting a choking hazard to children under age 3 
Distribution Dollar General stores the central part of the country 
Company Dolgencorp Incorporated, Kentucky, (502) 237-5444, Ext. 5326 
Dates sold From mid-August to mid-September 1996 
Date posted 12/31/2001 

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