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Product name Toy Jewelry Sets
Description There are three different jewelry assortments involved in this recall. One set contains a 16-inch brown bead necklace and 4 brown hair combs. The beads are grouped in threes and are separated by black and white discs. Another set contains a brown 8-inch bead bracelet that matches a brown 18-inch bead necklace. The beads are separated by bamboo-shaped pieces. At the center of each necklace and bracelet are several black and brown triangle-shaped ornaments. The third set contains earrings along with a matching multi-colored 18-inch bead necklace and 6-inch bead bracelet. An orange sunburst ornament with a face embossed in the center is attached to the yellow earring clasps, three sunbursts are attached to the necklace, and one sunburst is attached to the bracelet. 
Problem The necklaces and bracelets of two different sets can break, releasing small beads. The earring clasps of a third set can come off. Young children can choke on the earring clasps and inhale the beads into their lungs, which could lead to death 
Distribution Dollar-type and discount stores in East, Midwest and South 
Company Creative Products Incorporated, Illinois, (800) 366-6686 
Dates sold August 1995 through November 1995 
Date posted 12/31/2001 

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