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Product name Luv ‘n’ Care pacifiers
Description Pacifiers affected include model numbers G24,P8, P24, P20, P20/2, P21, P25, P26, P27, P42, P43, P45, P46, P47, and P52. On the outside surface of the pacifier shields are the words “Luv ?n’ Care.” Balloons, animal characters, or trains may also be printed on the pacifier shields. These pacifiers have a small unmoveable loop on the end instead of a handle. Some models come with a hard plastic protective cover. 
Problem The nipples may separate from the shield, and the pacifiers lack the required warning statement, “Warning-Do Not Tie Pacifier Around Child’s Neck as it Presents a Strangulation Danger,” on the packaging’s main panel 
Distribution Retail chains, discount stores, catalog outlets, and toy stores where infant items are sold, including Eckerd Drugs, J.C. Penney and K-mart stores 
Company Luv ‘n’ Care, 318-388-4916 (Consumer Relations Department). 
Dates sold From January 1990 to April 1991 
Date posted 12/26/2001 

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